Happy Accident

Happy Accident

Happy Accident


Amongst the trees and streams

Been awhile,

I am Currently studying MA Photography after the completion of my Ba Fine art.

My work had evolved a lot though this first term just about to start my second term.



These are some of the first prints I produced, in the darkroom.
This project had lots of development, after lots of research and progress it drastically changed. These are the first few initial experiments that i felt were not that successful.




The final stage text became a big part of the work.

amongs treat and streams (2)

amongs treat and streams (4)amongs treat and streams (3)amongs treat and streams This is a section from my most recent statement

Work Titles Among the trees and streams.
employing the concept of balance and fragility using myself as a prop throughout this project, my approach for this work is about my connection, recollection and reflection to the environment that I am submerging myself in, and how I have responded and decided to capture the area of past childhood recollections. The process of capturing this body of work has been an varied response to the location using emotion and in some images using the idea of reflection mainly when the figure is involved this is due to the idea that memories are fragmented reflections of the past. Each time I have revisited this area the way it has been captured and how I have occupied the area is entirely different, sometimes using myself as a props within the images other time just capturing the area and processes of traveling and exploring the area.